We handle anything
with tires.

We can handle various cars including domestic, American, and European. We also receive consultation about exporting and importing.
We advise accurately the differences about characteristics of each car model, both domestic and foreign with the knowledge and experiences which developed for 30 years. We also support customer’s car life and offer safety and trust.
We are doing consistently on a daily basis in front of us sincerely and certainly. We believe that lies are unnecessary for connections with people.

Importing vehicles

Over-the-counter sale


General maintenance

Vehicle inspection

Sheet metal repair

Install and paint
aerodynamic parts

Exchange and tune muffler

Exchange suspension

Hydraulic lift

Our factory is fully equipped with lifts that are safe, durable, and reliable.
We can deal with various work.

Fully equipped with OBD2 tester

It is necessary to grasp the situation of vehicles with connecting to the EUC scan tool when various diagnostic procedures such as engine trouble, oil defective, brake pad exchange, etc. We have a wide range of system testers to accurately diagnose customer’s vehicles which are both domestic and foreign.

Chubu District Transport Bureau Certified Factory

Auto mechanic is a national certification.
Auto mechanic is a national certification that the government admit that the person has knowledge and technique about structure of vehicles and maintenance.
Our mechanics have acquired advanced technological capability, are proficient in maintenance skills, and are professionals who have knowledge and skills related cutting edge technology.
We have improved our skills through many experiences with dealing with domestic and imported vehicles, hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles, and other vehicles that are remarkable technological innovation, so please leave it us at ease. In April 2020, the automobile maintenance system has been renamed from “overhaul” to “specified maintenance” with adding up “automatic operation equipment” which is installed in vehicles with autonomous driving level 3 or higher and at the same time the range of maintenance has been expanded to include maintenance or remodeling that affects the operation of the device (electronic control device maintenance) even if it does not remove the device.
Accordingly, we have also acquired the automobile specific maintenance business required for maintenance.

Fully equipped own sheet metal painting factory

We have own painting booth and fully equipped frame correction systems. We also deal with Kansai Paint products, the latest color mixing system for automotive repair, and AI color system.
Any color can be reproduced with craftsmanship and the latest computerized color mixing.
We offer repair services from small dents to accident car repair, aerodynamic parts painting and installation, and custom painting.

Transport by a car carrier truck

We carefully transport the customer's valuable vehicles by a car carrier truck to prevent from damages by self-driving. In addition, we can also deal with vehicles which cannot be moved due to car accidents or breakdown or the vehicle inspection has expired by a car carrier truck.