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In exporting division of Booma International Inc., we take advantage of expertise which have developed on importing and exporting, and work on export business actively. Japanese food and quality are the best in the world. We consider that we would like to deliver craftsmen’s thoughts, safety and security to the world.

Japanese food is safe and delicious.
And beautiful.

Japan is blessed with a beautiful natural environment that changes with four seasons, and there are many foods that benefit from this environment. The season when each foods are the best season to eat is called “Syun”. In the sea, seafood and seaweed are rich in minerals. Also in the mountains, seasonal fruits and vegetables are harvested abundantly. These seasonal foods are not only tasted their best at each season but also are included necessary nutrients for the season and our body conditions.
For example, “Hatsumono 75 days”
It is said that you are able to live 75 days longer if you eat the first food of the season. In Japan where is blessed with four seasons, we cherish the best season of ingredients. Moreover, we believe that Japan's food can not make up of the efforts of the producers who raise these ingredients.
Japanese ingredients are rich in variety, and in Japan, a wide variety of foods, ranging from seafood such as sushi and sashimi to livestock products such as wagyu beef and chicken, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits are produced. Not only being able to cook various dishes but also considering nutritional balance easier. Agriculture and fishing are produced based on traditional methods and techniques, and have delicate tastes and flavors unique to Japanese food. Only ingredients that cleared strict quality control and hygiene standards are shipped, so we can eat without worries.
Japanese ingredients have a unique flavors that is created by cooking methods that maximize flavor and umami. They are received high commendation not only in Japanese cuisine, but also in various cuisines all around the world, and are loved by many people.
We consider that we should export Japanese ingredients to the world. We can introduce and share Japanese food culture with people around the world through its rich flavors and high quality ingredients. We believe that spreading Japanese food products to other countries will also help to revitalize Japan's agriculture, fishing, and livestock industry. Moreover, we believe that we can protect Japanese food by spreading it.
Please let us help to bring Japanese ingredients around the world.

Proton Freezer

It is a quick freezer which prevents from cellular destruction of foods by quick freezing technology. It is possible to produce safe and secure foods without using additive by maintaining the original freshness and texture of foods such as fresh fish, meat and processed foods which are side dishes and snacks. Besides, freezing helps to be stored for long periods and it is possible to reduce food loss. We can deal with seasonal Japanese flavors, safe domestic production, additive-free, made in Japan, quick response, and small-lot production.



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Taiichiro Kun Red Snapper

Salmon from Kombumori

Ise Ebi from Mie

Hamaguri from Kuwana

Sake cup made of Kiso Hinoki cypress

Rice-tub made of Kiso Hinoki cypress

Sushi plate made of Kiso Hinoki cypress

Other products made of Kiso Hinoki cypress

Japanese matcha and Matcha soba

Japan's famous brand beef

Sake barrel for display

Sake barrel for display

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